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        Welcome to COMO PHARMACY website!  We're here to serve your health care needs, and offer complete care for the whole family.  We emphasize not only on the availability of quality drug products but more importantly, staffs who are able to interact with patients in their own language to maximize the quality of patient's health care.  We will also apply our knowledge, experience, and skills to the best our our ability to ensure optimal drug therapy results for our patients as well as provide education concerning their medications to ensure compliance and a favorable healthcare outcomes.  We will always give our patients and honest answer about their health care choices based on what is best for our patients.

        We also serve as a valuable health care resource by referring patients to other health care professionals when needed and provide advices and counsels on non-prescription medications.

        We hope you will enjoy browsing through out website, and that you will find a lot of useful information here.  We pay great attention to the quality of our products and services.  You can find detailed information about our products and services online or contact us for assistance.

        If you are or have family living in North Minneapolis or surrounding areas such as Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park please visit our other pharmacy.  Sun Pharmacy is located at 6350 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center, MN inside the Sun Foods Supermarket.  Phone number is 763-561-0722 and fax is 763-561-0723 or visit us on our website at

Zoo siab tos txais ib tsoom Hmoob:

       COMO PHARMACY yog peb Hmoob is lub khw tshuaj (Hmong Pharmacy) nyob rau St. Paul, MN.  Nyob hauv lub khw tshav puam qub cav 107 (Tuam Xyooj lub Khw tshav puam).  Peb muaj  tshuaj xws li cov koj tus kws kho mob sau thiab cov uas tsis siv kws kho mob daim ntawv xws li tshuaj mob taub hau, mob plab, hnoos, mob khaub thuas, thiab ntau ntau yam.  Peb kuj muaj tshuaj zaub mov (nutritional supplement) ntau yam thiab.

          Como Pharmacy txais ntawv kho mob (insurance) ntau yam thiab peb kuj xa tshuaj tuaj rau tom koj lub tsev dawb xwb yog koj tuaj nqa tsis tau.  Yog koj los tus txheeb ze muaj mob es yuav siv tshuaj, tuaj ntsib peb.  Yog koj xav hloov los nqa tshuaj rau ntawm COMO PHARMACY hais kom koj tus kws kho mob xa koj cov ntawv yuav tshuaj los rau peb, los sis nqa koj cov fwj tshuaj tuaj peb mam li hloov rau koj.  Peb yog Hmoob xwb peb yuav pab tau thiab ua yooj yim rau koj.  Yog xav paub ntau tshaj, hu xov tooj tuaj nrog Dr. Nyiajpov los Dr. Num Ntxhuav tham rua ntawm  651-487-0044

          Yog koj nyob rau North Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park sab ntawm, koj tuaj mus rau ntawm peb lub khw tshauj SUN PHARMACY, chaw nyob yog 6350 Brooklyn Blvd, Brooklyn Center.  Nyob hauv lub khw Sun Foods, xov tooj yog 763-561-0722. Mus saib peb tau  rau ntawm lub wam sab